Hello fellow bloggers and…bloggettes(?)!

This, I suppose, is my intro post. I’m just your typical, 20 something year old, internet obsessed gal. You will probably see a smorgasbord of things being talked about on here. I’m overly obsessed with TV, movies, books and girly things in general. Some days I feel as if I have quite the Elitist of tastes and other days, well, that’s debatable… That being said, you have been warned.

Quite frequently I’ll be found spazzing over awesome shows, as well as, awesomely horrible shows… but at least I am aware of the difference, right? Right. Some of my entries may be actual reviews of TV shows, movies, books etc, while others may purely be me fangirling the newest episode of the current show that I’m watching. I’ll try to keep things as spoiler free as possible but don’t worry, if they do show up on occasion I’ll always warn for that sort of thing in my posts. You may also occasionally see random girly posts about makeup, hair, food, and fitness-y things(see, smorgasbord).

If none of this has scared you away, Welcome! Feel free to comment and share your opinions on these things as well and of course, recommendations are always awesome!